Пропала связь (Windows Vista/7/8)

Local Windows Network Missing 7

построение архитектуры сетиLet's say your network set this up, now it's your business. For starters, we need to put the operating system on the server. To date, two options are 2008R2 and 2012R2, I would advise the latter. See the references below.

Then give our server an understandable name, as is done in article B to help starters. How to change the name of the computer in windows server 2008 R2. After you put the name of your server, which will be the controller of the dominance, don't rush to overload it, you need to give him a static ip address in the windows server 2008R2 1 part of the network you chose for your infrastructure (local network planning / how to properly design the site network. Local area network)локальная сеть Reload, next step, we need to set up a controller of the dominance and Active Directory, more detailed here (how to establish Active Directory)

After the installation of Active Directory, you need to create users, groups and organizational units, further details:

Once the records are in place, there's a need to set up jobs, which means the client-based operating systems are:

It'd be okay, but if 100 or more systems were to be installed, we could use the WDS automatic server? WDS installation. Once WDS is installed, we need to create a reference image for the installation, detailed here. Add loading and fitting samples)

We need to end up like this.

Once the network has been operational, the issue arises with the activation of the windows, in a corporate environment with a large number of staff, put KMS on the server.

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