Настройка сети в операционной системе Windows 7. Часть 1 - Введение

Build A Windows Network 7

If you suddenly decided to connect the laptop to the Windows7 computer, if you find a new network, the system will ask you what type of network to set up (Domash, Working or Public). It's standard. But Win7 users will face the causus that when accessing the Network Management and General Access Centre, the new network becomes unidentified and public unless the IPv4 address is indicated by the main lock.

But as a lock on the laptop, the IP address of the computer needs to be indicated, and the computer itself doesn't need a lock because it's the lock itself. Ping from the laptop will be fine in this public network, and the Internet will be on the laptop through the computer server, but there will be no access to files and files. Access to web-based files can only be default for domestic and work networks, but it is not possible to change the type of unidentified network:

Open the control room, switch the image to small badges, find the location of the Administration and open the Local Security Policy. Next, in the " Sisters of the List of Networks " , we lick two times " Unidentified Networks " , we turn to " Layout " and " User can change location " and " OK " .

When we enter the network control centre again, we'll see that the type of network has changed to the worker. Now we've got files on the computer. We click on any right button folder, select " General access nucleus specific users... " . The list is selected by “All”, "Good," After these unchecked manipulations, the computer and open files can be seen from the laptop through the network environment.