Как создать локальную сеть на виндовс 8 для игр — Isuemp.ru

Vindow Network Building 7

2. In the open window, select the Network and the Internet.

3. We'll move on to the side panel reference " Changes in Adapter parameters " .

4. On the open list, select a web-based adaptor through which the Internet is being launched, call a contextual menu, press the right-wing mouse button, and select the item " Power " .

5. There will be a list of the various attributes of the adapter on the screen, a line on the Internet version 4 (TCP/IPv4), and press the " Power " button under the list. If you have a box on the Internet Protocol of Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) you'll take it off for the correct operation of the service.

6. In the dialogue window, we use the following DNS servers ' addresses and address SkyDNS in the DNS Silver Reading Line:

The field of the Alternate DNS server remains empty.

7. Once the OK is installed, the constructions will be retained and the computer will be operated through SkyDNS.

8. So that the service can identify your device and apply your filtering designs, you need to enter the personal office and section of the Navy - Network. attach your external statistical IP address.

In case you don't see site filtering after the construction, it's necessary to take into account that your browser and Windows could remember site addresses in the local neck, so you're recommending that Windows be cleaned up by the team.

ipconfig /flushdns

I'd like you to put on the command line of the CMD Terminal (to call the command line, name the CMD utilitate in the " Find the programs and files " , the Windows menu, and press the Enter keyboard).

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