Игры по локальной сети на прохождение

Local Network Games

Starting the game on your computer.

The multi-user regime allows several players to play at the same time at the enemy's rear in real time. local network or Internet

To start the game, select the "Steve Game" in the Main Menu.

You can create a game or connect to an existing one.

Creating the game

To create a new game, lick the button "Create the game." On the open screen, set the parameters for your new game.

In the open window, you will choose the name of the game, the password (if password is inserted, only the players who know it), the game regime, and the map. Then set up the parameters of the game and press the button to create.

The next window is designed to launch a player's name and confirm readiness.
Notice that the word "play is not ready" will burn until there are at least two players in the game. To remove the player from the game, lick his name and press the button "Delete."

When all the players involved went into a state of readiness (see badges against players), press the launch button, and the battle begins.

Connection to game

Press the button to find the game. An open window list of available games is available. Renew the list can be pressed on the "Renew" button.

If the game is not in place or you want to play over the Internet, please indicate the IP address of the computer where the IP address is created.

To get into the game twice, lick on the name of the game you want to play.

In the window open, you can choose your game name.
When you're ready to start the game, press the button of the Gotov.

Transfer of troops during the game of joint passing

If you have to hand over soldiers to each other during the game of co-hosting, do it by choosing the soldiers you want to hand over to the other player, then press the combination of "Shift" and "? In the open window, you'll select the player you're transferring to the troops and confirm the transmission to the "yes" button.