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Build A Local Windows 7

Запускаем утилиту cmd

Local area network building via Wi-Fi router

What we have:

  • Computer number one. Windows 7. Connected to the web cable router, the Internet works.
  • Computer number two. Windows 7. Connected to the wireless Wi-Fi web router, the Internet works.


Build a local network between two computers. Open general access to a folder or a local disk. Get a chance to exchange files.

ping между компьютерами в локальной сетиWork:

Before starting to build a network on computers, I decided to make a ping from one computer to another to see if there was a connection between them. Read more about the ping here. If you want to do that, too, you need to come in from one computer in the Router Building and see what IP address the Router put on another computer online. I've recently written an article about how to see who's connected to your router, you can read it.

Well, I'll text you as soon as I can. We hire ( and we're in the construction of the router. Switch to the DHCP and DHCP Clients List, see devices that are connected to the Router. Look at the IP address that is assigned to the second computer we want to build a local network.

Now we're ping to him. Press Pusc and write the search line cmd, in the search, we'll run the cmd.exe.

There'll be a window where the team writes. ping “IP address of another computer” and press Enter. Look at the result, if you see that the exchange of bags is going, then it's okay, there's a network between computers.

I think I'm gonna do another ping with the laptop that's on Wi-Fi, and I see that the packages don't go. And if the ping doesn't pass, the network won't work. And then it started, and I've been changing different designs for a long time before I realized that the laptop and the computer had ESET Smart Security, yeah! He's completely testing the network.

If there are problems with the network connection in the construction process or the work, the first thing that needs to be checked and shut down is antiviruses and firewalls. I also advise you to shut down Brandmower Windows.