Как раздать интернет БЕЗ РОУТЕРА? Сеть компьютер-компьютер по WiFi

Lock Windows Xp

To build Internet access on Windows XP,

Open Network Connections. To this end, press the Pusk stat.

In the control room, select Network Connections

In the Internet connection folder, lick the right button of the mouse on the local network sign, select the Forces.

In the open window, " Local network connection - properties " , you will write the words " Internet prototype (TCP/IP) " and then press the button of properties.

In the open window of " Power: Internet protocol (TCP/IP) " , insert the IP addresses automatically and " Get the DNS Server address automatically " Then press the " OK " and the previous window of " Local network connectivity - properties " also press the " OK " .

ATTENTION! MAC address has to match the MAC address in the Personal Cabinet, otherwise if you try to get on the Internet, you'll be able to get your window "Your computer is not authorised."

Push the right button of mouse on the local network connection and choose “Status”

In the open window, " Continuity - Connection on the local network " , press the support deposit and then press the button. " Details "