Заметки о решаемых задачах АйТишников - Настройка локальной сети

Ubuntu Local Area Network

Welcome to the Honourable Citizens of the Forum, I apologize to you for the “multiful booth”, but dull winter on mission in the north)

The problem is, in a local network cut off from any Internet by a hard corp, politicians have set us up (in fact, a group of enikievs remote from the base headquarters) a small earring on the hunch 12.04 server (in hand, there was a disk and no need to be squeezed, with our no good) and put on it a Request Tracker 4 to support users. Indeed, it is this objective that has been persuaded by the admins of the superiors that we need this earring and that it needs to be introduced into the domain. Turned it out to bring up tight bags from the house, with all the addictions, and tossed local repositories. I'll make sure we have a problem with the interior and the only available is a gprs megaphone and it's just outside the base.

The second phase of the secret plan was to deploy a joomla site in addition to the RT on this server (the same diagram and enlargement in the flash drive) and to click on it with a forum for the local analog of the social network. Yes, yes - working boring and wanting analog to the secret club. The higher admins have this and we're jealous. But there's a problem with lack of knowledge and rights. We've been introduced into the dome, and our earring is pinging in the name of the inside of the network, and the apache has a default profile for RT:

## Optional apache logs for RT # ErrorLog /opt/rt4/var/log/apache2.error # TransferLog /opt/rt4/var/log/apache2.access # LogLevel debug AddDefaultCharset UTF-8 DocumentRoot "opt/rt4/share/html" Order allow

use Plack: Handler:: Apache2; Plack:: Handler:: Apache2-preload("/opt/rt4/sbin/rt-server);

And the RT opens up great when the earring is in the browser line. But how do we add Jumla to this? If we had access to DNS construction, we would have made separate houses and signed them in the apache, which we're doing great in the virtual... Of course, the hosts' files in the vindas can write these houses, but you can't (if you see them lying) and it's all wrong.

In fact, the question is how, in the absence of access to DNS, the Servaks should organize two websites on our server (RT and jumla) and the RTs already installed are undesirable because the authorisation through AD is already in place and the violators are different for internal mail.