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Establishment Of Local Windows Xp

How to build a local network in the Windows XP/2000 operating system

  • General recommendations.
    In connection with the network, set up the latest update packages for your operating system, as well as an antivirus with updated bases (recommended by DrWeb or Kaspersky Anti-Virus) - otherwise your computer will be very likely to be infected with viruses. In antivirus settings, shut down the network scan. Use the Windows XP/2000 operating systems with the last Service Packages for comfort. To look at your car in the console. Implement -national command - state Enter) ipconfig -all
  • Network building.
    Press Puske's button and sequentially select "Sharp," "Man of Management," "Set Connections."
    In the open folder, cliff the right button of mouse at the local network connection and in the menu, select the command of the "Family."

Send out the list the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and press the button of Yours.

Fill the fields of the IP address, the masks on the grid, the Oxy Lock, and press the OK button. Note: The required value is specified in the contract (Annex No.3).

WINS Server

On the open window of "Myself: The Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), press the button "Supplementary..."

There's a window open, "Addive TCP/IP parameters." Choose the WINS deposit and press the button to add...

In the WINS-Server TCP/IP dialogue, introduce the IP address WINS-Server 192.168.xxx.4 and press the "Add" button.

Note: The IP address of WINS-Server can change - see it at the dispatcher.

You'll see that your IP address was added to the WINS address list, in use. Press the OK button.
Press the "OK" button in the "System: Internet Protocol." Press the cover button in the local network window.

Computer name and working group

Find my computer at the desk and lick it on the right button of mouse. In the menu you'd like to pick the "Fleet."