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Windows Xp Internet Connection

Connection setting via normal mode (Win XP)

Internet connection installation via a normal user module on the computer under Windows XP operating system.

Step 1.


Step 2.
Open upNetwork connections“.
(If the outside view of the control panel differs from the image presented below, select the side panel.)

Step 3.
Choose a new connection on the side panel.

Step 4.
Press Delea.

Step 5.
Pick up the Internet and press Delea.

Step 6.
Choose " Establish manual " and press " Daleye " .

Step 7.
Choose "Bure Mode" and press "Daleye."

Step 8.
Introduce the name of the service provider and press Daleye.

Step 9.
In the Nomer Telephone Field, insert the number of the 252525-25 module and press Delea.

Step 10.
In the field of the User's Name, put your logic into the internet, and in the Parallel field and Confirmation, insert your connection password to the internet and press the Daleye.

Step 11.
Press Votovo.

Step 12.
After completion of the construction, we can start the connection from the work table.

Step 12.
Press the button. " Challenges "After the number, login and password checks, computer's on. to the Internet.

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