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network connections



  1. Push, fulfil: Ncpa.cpl. Or Puske, my computer. Choose the Network Environment
  2. On the left " Remove network connections "
  3. If the Network Cable is not connected to a network map where KurskOnline cable is connected, the following actions should be tried:

    See if the cable is well placed on the web map.
    Or is he on the road?
    If you're all right, call for those.

  4. If it's okay to check our IP address.Пуск. Сетевое окружение On our KurskOnline LAN connection, press the right button of mice, the Forces.
  5. Double click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
  6. Let's check it out.

The lock is generally your IP, and the last figure is “1.” If that's right, we'll go to the diagnostic of the network connection.


  1. Let go of me. cmd
  2. Let's ping our lock: ping 10.241.
  3. If the " waiting intervals for request " or loss occur, call the service and describe the problem.
  4. If we all ping DNS: ping
  5. If the " waiting interval for request " or the loss goes, we call the service.
  6. If it's all right, we'll try to ping, like a Yandex by the name: ping
  7. If the " waiting times for request " and IP pings, then you're wrong with DNS. Look at the section of the construction. TCPIP♪ If there's a loss, we call the service and describe the problem.
    Also, if necessary, you can cross the route by the team: tracert, nap: tracert
  8. P.S. The problem may also be caused by the incorrect structures you have set up.
    Firewall or antivirus. Try to disable these services or applications and check the network ' s functionality.

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