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Windows 7 Sees No Network

Causes why I removed it from all my computers:

1. DrWeb saw that there was a tunnel connection with the Microsoft server, blocked antivirus funds.
2. MSDefender, after being upgraded, started to slow down the system, in anger removed this leaf with a HDD corta for months, worked normally.
3. After another update, Windows 10 pro deleted some free programmes (competitive MS applications) and added a new tunnel connection to the MS server, also blocked it.

4. Another update, this time the printer was damaged, he had to be stopped. Dreiver was damaged three times.
5. Another update. I have seven devices in my house (3 Win10, 1 Win7, 3 Androids) in four devices, the network is manually (local network) androids give the IP address to the DHCP, so after the 10-year update, this 10-year-old has dropped everything on the network, no Internet, no computers see the printer, and it's got 2 hours to re-establish the Window.
6. The other day, there was a video card on my daughter's computer after another update. She played Sims and the computer hanged out a few times (I didn't have a home), as it turns out because of the overheating of the video card (the dust was gone, the fan was spinning, the MX-4 thermopath was not dry), so there were 80 degrees in the basement, respectively, over 100. Under the Win7, a simple fry card was kept within 59 degrees. How do you explain that?
7. Microsoft agreed with Intel that new processors would not be supported by Win7. If I buy a new computer, I'll put Linux! For myself, I've already chosen the distributive, the husband has worked, happy. Sethra's been working under Linux for a long time, she's got it.