Настройка локальной сети - Настройки компьютера

Network Development

Reset iPhone or iPad

  1. Press and hold the Snow/Industry button until the power cuts are available.
  2. Pull over the runner to turn off the device.
  3. Once the device has been deactivated, retrieve the " Snow/Wilder Regime " and keep it until the Apple logo shows up.

Check that the operator's lines are updated.

  1. Make sure the device is connected to the Wi-Fi network or cellular network.
  2. Pick up the " Construction " , " Basic " , " On this device " . If update is available, it will be proposed to update the cellular operator ' s construction.
  3. In order to know the operator ' s designs on the device, select the " Construction " .

If you insert a new SIM card in iPhone or iPad, it's necessary to download constructions for a new cellular operator.

Drop the network.

Open the " Buildings " , " Basic " , " Episode " , " Episode " . Network development" . Wi-Fi and password networks, cell network construction and VPN and APN parameters previously used are also dropped.

Call your operator.

Problems with operator or record-keeping may affect the quality of service. Call your operator to:

  • verify the activity and status of the account;
  • See if there are any disruptions in your region;
  • check whether cellular services are blocked for your device and whether the data transfer rate is correctly selected.

Only your cell phone operator has access to and control of your records. If you can't find a cell phone operator support page, get a message about operator support or use any search system on the Internet.

In some countries or regions, the item " Mobile communication " is replaced by " Cellular data " . For example, " Construction " , " Mobile communications " or " Construction " , " Mobile communications " , replace " Construction " , " Data-link " or " Construction " , " Data-network " .

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