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Local Internet Network Development

How do you make a local school network with Internet connections?

1. Equipment and connection.

All computers should have a web map, one or two. Nab (D-Link) at 8-10 ports (depending on the number of units in the lot). We'll strengthen the chab so that the amount of the skills is the least. Measure the distance from the compacts to the Haba and buy so much UTP/FTP/STP/SFTP 4p., the RJ-45 dilus for the end of the cable (two per unit) and the need for a compressive instrument. We'll cut it in the right length, and we'll connect it to the ends of the RJ-45. Pressure. You can ask a specialist at a computer firm to do it if you do it yourself, the Straight-through is used - the name of this type of cab speaks for itself - it sends the signal directly from one end to another, namely, from the 1st contact to 1 2-2, 3-3, etc. Used for various types of compounds (computer - Hab, computer - DSL/ISDN/cabal fashion, or haba and switching compounds). If on one end of the cable the first contact is a green wire, then on the other the first is green, etc. all 8. Ready? We're connecting the web cables of "hab" - "net map of the company." Set the cable. That's it. The network is ready.

2. Construction. (Internet connections don't touch the Internet if you have it working)

Incorporate all the computers, don't forget to enlist in the electric grid. We're building companions. We're in the control panel, online connections, the local network connection, the right bowl of the mice, selecting the properties on the "Totals" on the list "Remarked Components Used by this Connection:" select the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and press the knob of the "Flee." In an emerging TCP/IP window, we choose to use the next IP address. A range of IP addresses 192.168.x (x=0-255) has been allocated to local networks, and therefore I recommend that they be used. On the main computer, the address is (he is connected to the Internet) and on the other address, etc. It is important that the IP addresses differ from one another by the last figure, and in no case by the other IP addresses. Specify, it is mandatory for all local network computers. The lock on everyone but the main one. Predictable DNS put "Your Internet use" as an alternative, too. After that, we boldly press the OK button and move on.

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