Понятие компьютерных сетей, их классификация и характеристика

Computer Network Concept


• Basic methods, methods and means of obtaining, storing, processing information on the network;

To learn

• Work with local and global information computer networks;

• Computer skills as a tool for online information management.

The ever-increasing amount of information in the world and the gradual editing of it on computers for compact storage have created a problem that is the possibility of rapid transmission of large numbers of digital data to a large number of users.

For the first time, the need for digital data exchange arose in the middle of the 1960s, when computers settled in all major science centres and universities were still cumbersome, but no longer exotic. The development of sophisticated technologies: supersonic aircraft, missiles, spacecraft; global climate models; the calculation of the effects of nuclear explosions or nuclear war; the emergence of genetic engineering; design and production technologies for large integration schemes required the integration of thousands of scientists, engineers and technology.

Working together is primarily a real-time exchange of information. This task has been accomplished in the past in three ways.

♪ Users were moved between computers with their recorded data (information). First, paper carriers (perfocartes, perfolts), then magnetic hosts (lentas, disk packages - prototype of modern Winchesters, diskettes). The optical hosts later appeared (CD, DVD, Blu-Ray), portable Winchesters, pure electronics, memory flush cards. The volumes stored on the media are constantly increasing. They are widely used for the storage of information, but there are significant shortcomings in the movement of hosts for data exchange. The owner and the record-keeping devices are required, time is spent on recording and reading information from the host. The whistle-blower moves the user-- man, the information exchange rate is low. The likelihood of loss and damage to the carrier, therefore, loss of information.

♪ One computer (named the Main, Main) has been connected to many users who have worked for terminals, machines, dialogue with the Maniferim and contain only monitors, video-adapters and keyboards. The lack of a way is obvious. ♪ ♪

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