Подключить компьютер к компьютеру и ноутбуку - настройка сети

Computer Network Development

Витая пара с интерфейсом rj-45Sometimes there's a need to transfer a fairly large amount of information from one computer to another. Yeah, we can use flash drives. If their volume is insufficient, they can be replaced by external hard drives. Fortunately, many of them are now working through the USB 3.0 interface, which provides a higher speed. But in fact, speed rarely reaches 50 MB/s. And plus that, not everyone has an external hard drive, not everyone has 3.0, and the time spent on moving from a computer to a tough one needs to be multiplied by two, because it's about as long as we're gonna have to wait for a hard drive to another computer. Today, we will consider a more rapid way of transmitting large amounts of information for which a network between two computers is needed.

This way is a transfer. Local network files♪ On a network with only two computers: sending and receiving. In fact, this local network between two computers. To that end, we're gonna need a whale with an interface rj-45 at the ends. Typically, your computer is connected to the fashion. You probably have that cable at your house. He looks like this:

So how do we connect our two computers? For starters, it is necessary to establish a purely physical network between two computers: connect one end of the cabel to one computer and the other to another. Next, we need to make sure that each of these computers has their ip address. Since there is no DHCP server on this network who is responsible for making computers available to the IP address, we will have to take this job.как создать сеть между двумя компьютерами This requires the following actions on both computers:

  1. Menu.
  2. Control.
  3. Networks and Internet.
  4. Network Management and Access Centre.
  5. Change of adapter parameters.
  6. Choose appropriate connections (usually in the field of state, either initialization or Unidentified network)
  7. The right connection click and the choice of your own.
  8. Next, in its contribution, the Network will find an online version 4 protocol and open it.
  9. Then change the parameter to use the next IP address.
  10. In the field IP address: (to introduce address:
  11. In the Mask field, please introduce address
  12. Press and close all the other windows.