Монтаж и настройка локальных сетей | Центр компьютерной поддержки

Local Area Network Construction

The existence of a local network gives a number of advantages to the organization:

- the possibility of printing documents from different computers on one printer,

- Instant mailing of electronic messages to all users of the network,

free access to information from all corporate computers connected to such a system,

- There is no need to continually transfer information from one computer to another using a removable carrier.

This together facilitates people ' s work, significantly improves its efficiency and saves time. The establishment of a digital information exchange network is a long-term investment in the infrastructure of any company.

If you want a local network in your organization to work quickly and smoothly, go to Remick! We know all the technical subtle in the work of local networks and we can guarantee that the outcome of our work will benefit you. Make sure!


  • Integrated approach to network maintenance. Remik does not only edit but also technical support local area networks♪ You don't have to look for a man who's gonna solve problems anymore. We'll decide for you!
  • We'll set up a local network without interrupting your work process. Our specialists are willing to build networks in a non-working time, because we know how much you value your time.
  • Local network quality assurance. In 14 years, Remick has established a team of professionals who operate fast and qualitatively. We're using certified equipment that has a warranty period of between 20 and 50 years.