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Create Wireless Network

headsetWith the high development of modern wireless technology, the creation of the WiFi home network in the OS Windows 7 has become accessible to everyone. Moreover, this does not require special time and effort costs, as well as finance.

WiFi technology has already entered people ' s daily lives sufficiently tightly, helping and accelerating the mass of tasks. In particular, such networks provide an opportunity to exchange files and data among the group, to play together and many others. And it's all without wires. But let's move directly to the question of how create a WiFi network Windows 7.

It should be noted immediately that a private wireless network can be created in several ways:

  • Using the WiFi router.
  • Using a laptop or a PC equipped with a built wireless module.

powerbankIn any case, the WiFi module is used, which can act as a access point. In other words, the network requires a point of access to which all other devices are connected. However, not only the Router, but also the laptop, as well as the PK, a planchette or even a smartphone, can be used as such a access point.

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Now, let's see both options, how to create a WiFi network on the laptop or a PC from Windows 7.

Значок Wi-FiCreate a private group with a Router

As you've already figured, the organization of the home team will require a rooster that is wireless. In fact, such a router is available in any computer store. Moreover, it is costly and accessible to anyone.

So, if there's a trawl, you'll just keep it online and wait for loading. Then you can connect any device to him. You can do this on both WiFi and the cables. It's a simple WiFi switch on a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone or an Internet cable connection. All right, the local network is already in place. To exchange files and data, we need some computer build-ups, but we'll talk about it a little later.

Список доступных сетей Подключение к беспроводной сети Вход в меню настроек роутера Настройки безопасности

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