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Create A Home Network

домашняя, общественная сеть или сеть предприятия

What is the difference between the home network and the enterprise network?

Every time you're on your computer under the control of the Windows operating system for the first time you're connected to a wireless or wireless network, you're facing the following window:

This window asks you to help the computer determine the safety of the network. To this end, he proposes three network locations:

  • Home network
  • Public network
  • Enterprise network

The selection of a network depends on the Brandmower Windows constructions, which are automatically set at the chosen level of confidence in the network. Next, we will consider which level of network security is set at each of the three networks.

Home network

As the name indicates, it is best to choose this network in the home. This means that all devices connected to the network and their users are familiar to you. I mean, they can be trusted. As a result, the operating system should not be overstretched about security. This is why the network includes online detection, allows access to common web folders and printers. In the home network, the operating system is designed to minimize the distraction of the user with a safety reminder. In addition, it is within this network that a home group can be established. That's the kind of network you're following when you set up a network. between two computersas stated in the article.

In conclusion, it must be understood that most of the online actions are allowed to be in danger. Which means the use of this network in places where you can't enlist at least one of its members is not safe.

Enterprise network

The selection of the enterprise network is, similar to the first, on the enterprise network. Like at work. The safety structures of the network are similar to those of the home network. It means you know your colleagues. Or at least that the network administers a system administrator who should be responsible for security. Although the main reason for these developments is that there is no general access to printers and documents on the enterprise network. The only difference between the enterprise network and the domestic network is that it is not possible to establish a domestic group on the enterprise ' s network. On the basis of this, household or enterprise network choices do not differ significantly, unless you want to create a home group.