Как настроить домашнюю сеть через WiFi роутер?

Creation Of A Home Network

Mode 1. Lock network without router or router

In this way, one of the computers is a lock, the rest of us are connected to the network through it. The establishment of a home network is thus most cost-effective, as there is no need to buy additional equipment (route). Less, the network only works when the lead computer is on.

Mode 2. Construction of a home network using a router

If the minus of the previous way scares you, you want every computer to be independent of the lead, you'll find a way to create and build a wireless home. Route♪ In this case, it will be him to combine computers.

Mode 3. Wi-Fi Lock Network

This is the option of creating a wireless home network that is most convenient in all the ways presented, since you will free your apartment from wires and cables. Besides, if you use a laptop, setting up a local home network of this type will allow you to move around the apartment without hindrance, and not to pull a wire.

The main benefits of using the Wi-Fi network instead of a wired local network:

  • Simple and speedy establishment of a home network.
  • Usability is not tied to a specific room or computer table.