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How To Create A Wireless Local Network

Монтаж сетей гианитA single information environment (local network) that will bring together all computer equipment is necessary for the smooth and efficient operation of all branches of the company or enterprise. Local networks provide each connected user with quick and safe access to the data required to perform a job.

Local area networks performed in any office where there are two or more PKs. Connecting computer technology to a single network has the following advantages:

  • The possibility of accessing and working with other computer files at any time;
  • co-location of one or two printers by several divisions connected to the local network;
  • Distribution of one Internet channel among all PKs;
  • Sharing of server applications that can be transmitted to users via the local network.
  • Documentation development;
  • Purchase of kits;
  • Laying channels and cables with their subsequent markings;
  • Network installation;
  • Installation of communication units;
  • Connection and installation of network equipment.

If the office has up to 7 PK, Local area network established No server. It is used to connect 7-15 computers to a single network, and 20 or more PKs use, in addition to files, the Internet, Firewall and SQL server.

Creation of wireless local network implemented with speed connection to the Internet. The advantages of this type of local network are the interoperability of different network devices, the use of computer equipment at any location of the office without reference to the workplace and the minimum number of equipment. The establishment of a wireless network yields significant savings and facilitates communication between the various branches of the enterprise.

Guyana accepts requests for the following services:

  • Local area network installation;
  • Installation and installation of network equipment;
  • The creation of wireless networks of any power.

We serve companies and enterprises in Ryazani and Ryazan oblast. More information can be obtained from our manager by telephone or e-mail.

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