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Windows 7 Home Network

Windows 7: Creation of a home network, writing instructions.

This topic has been debated several times, but every new time, the foruman asks the same question: "I kind of built it, and there's no ping, or the network says it's connected, but the computer from windows 7 is not displayed online." These are the most popular questions.

I will now give more detailed attention to this. In most cases, an ethernet router (internet comes from UTP (white vapour) wire) or ADSL router, it is a modem (internet comes from a telephone line shared by the splinter). The overall design of the network and the choice between what and what, the pros and cons are described in Article FAQ. The connection of the second computer to the network, the sharing of the Internet. I'm going to draw attention to the specificity of the building of a home group in Windows 7. According to this article, you have to deal with the modifier. And so our modem is in the mood, both computers go online, but they don't see each other online, and they can't ping.

1. The DCHP service (DHCP) (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol - Dynamic Configuration Protocol) is almost always included in the process of installation of the module(s) as a web-based protocol allowing computers to automatically receive IP addresses and other parameters needed to operate on the TCP/IP network.) so the operational will automatically receive the necessary TCP/IP. Both computers go online because they got built from the same DHCP, respectively computers are physically on the same network.

(2) Renumber the name of the working group... after which it will be necessary to overload

(3) After which all our computers local area network displayed online

(4) but the system tells us that general access to the files is off, we will now correct this little misunderstanding. ♪ ♪

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