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How To Create A Network

There are hundreds of public and private gynaecological clinics operating in Moscow. Eli Login and Lisa Maslov didn't make it. Former accountants built one of the largest networks of women ' s consultations in the capital region

Founders of the Medoch Elmira Login and Elizabeth Maslova clinic (Fotho: Andrei Kovalev for BK)

Ten a.m., Thursday, Pavshin diaper. Only a young mother and a child attendees at the Medoch clinic. Physicians in a tiny receiver don't make coffee in the car. There's only one office on the verge of the clinic, that's the lab and the procedure. In the depths, there are five more rooms, including a rest room for doctors and a bathroom.

Photographs of treating doctors are scattered on the bright walls, chairs with pink pillows are placed downstairs. The interviewer refers to a hairdresser in French style, only in the list of services to clients, not haircuts and manicure, but different analyses, a visit to a gynaecologist, a PC specialist, a therapist.

The first Medoch network clinic in Redress Elmir Login and Elizabeth Maslov opened in November 2011, at which time they were 24 years old. The founder of the company met as early as 2006 when both were in the Invitro Medical Laboratories Accountant. A little later, Maslov went to work with partner clinics, and Logina went to brokering, first to Troika Dialog, and then to the Aton Investment Company.

It was the work at Invitro that made girls think about creating their own medical business. The " small field " and the " large-scale market in which few are represented " indicate that Logina has chosen specialization. She said that three of the most profitable areas of cancer, dental science and women ' s medicine had originally been discussed. The first was cut because of the need for large seed capital, the second was due to the mass of services. The concept of a " high-end " clinic in the area " , small but with a good attitude towards the client " , has been created by Invitro ' s client, reminds Maslov.

The clinic in the Pavsin ear of 96 square metres and four doctors in the state today brings Ela and Lisa, so they ask to call themselves 4, 2 million rubies per month. The experts and clinics interviewed by the BCF are surprised: more than 12 million roubles per year per generate doctor only for the premium medical establishments, e.g. the European Medical Centre, is spoken by Ernst Young Anna Gusev ' s consulting partner. " Looking pretty ambitious " is concluded by an expert.

" Greedy " is a joke on entrepreneurship in response to a question about the main cause of high performance. “We don't have a leather chair, a closet of bread and cognac in a negotiation, a sister where all chais are chasing,” is laughing.

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