Удалённое управление компьютером с телефона или планшета

Local Network Computer Management

Applications for remote control of computers make useful and in many ways even fantastic things. For example, working in the office, but being physically on another continent. Helping a relative understand the complexities of the domestic PC by managing the process from another city. I'm talking to my parents who can't even use a computer. Introducing, building, dropping information, showing photos and carrying out a lot of other work will help remote control programmes.

They're needed and incredibly comfortable in private life, and they're just irreplaceable at work. Especially now that the value of the office in the classical sense is nicked and employers want to save a little on the rental of the IT office. Remote access to a computer at work is possible from home, from beach or any other place. To that end, one of the remote management programmes of the SC should be set up.

TeamViewer is a remote control program, most popular in the world. It's positioned under the slogan "All One!", very simple and safe. A huge plus is a free-of-charge programme for private use (but a commercial fee).

Main features of TeamViewer:

  • The ability to access the computer is remote and to work exactly the same way as if the laser was behind it (including the use of clavicles and other conveniences);
  • Integrity of management;
  • Everything. The programme manages remote access from all operations - Windows, Mac and Linux;
  • Deskless remote management of user machines in the office without leaving the house or other office;
  • High security indicators for the exchange of information with computers protected by the firewall;
  • Mutual remote access, simple transfer of files in both directions;
  • Web conferences and video sessions;
  • You can help a friend or a relative, get on the computer to a colleague instantly, without delay and delay.

TeamViewer ' s ability to manage remote computers is improved, continuously refined and supplemented. The programme can function even without installation.

Complete review ”

Radmin - The remote access programme was originally designed for corporate work. Two of its main tasks are staff escort and support, as well as Local network management and servers without a physical visit to the office. Companies that know the existence of Radmin can save the IT department healthyly. Proprietary programme, although it can be tested free for 30 days

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