Мониторинг и удаленное администрирование сети | MixStuff

Remote Local Network Computer Management

AeroAdmin удаленное управление компьютером

It doesn't require installation and construction. Connects computers to different local networks, NAT.

  • How AeroAdmin works. Details. ♪ ♪
    • Remote access to the computer. - this concept implies remote connection to a computer via the Internet or a local network for the purpose of managing or reviewing a remote PC desk, as well as associated operations, such as the exchange of files, voice and video messages, etc.

      AeroAdmin remote access programme - The principle of work:

      • The completed AeroAdmin programme file is launched on local and remote computers (not required).
      • Connection between computers is established.
      • The software reads a remote computer screen image, specially analyses it, compresses and sends it to the admin computer.
      • The Admin sees an up-to-date image of the remote screen and, in real time, can control
      • The keyboard and the mouse index.
      • Control signals are transmitted to the customer ' s computer where they are interpreted as signals by the user,
      • directly behind this computer.

      Unlike other remote access programmes, AeroAdmin is specially designed for stable Internet connectivity at any speed, be it GPRS, 3G and other or high-speed ADSL or Ethernet compounds. To ensure comfortable and safe operation with the programme, all data transmitted during the remote computer control, compressed and encrypted by the hybrid algorithm AES+RSA.

      Aeroadmin is very simple in use, doesn't require construction, and the first connection can be arranged within, literally, 10 seconds of programme launch!

  • 8 useful solutions - how to use remote access to PK. Details. ♪ ♪
    • Remote access to computers via the Internet is one of the most demanded for corporate and private users. This is not surprising because good soft can be a powerful multifunctional tool in reducing the costs of any enterprise, saving personal time, ensuring data security, etc.

      Remote ERP solutions:

      • Remote computer and maintenance
      • Interactive collective online work
      • Remote online training
      • Remote system administration
      • Remote monitoring of staff or children ' s computers
      • Essential data for safe PC (protection against fire, flooding, theft, computer seizures, etc.)
      • Savings in purchasing software (possibly costly software on one computer and using it from different computers
      • Organization of a remote office.

      However, the list of decisions does not end. Try a remote access program to AeroAdmin's computers right now and feel all the benefits it offers!
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