Дешёвые Настройки Локальной Сети и схожие товары на AliExpress

Local Network Construction

There are several parameters that may need to be built to connect to the network using the LAN interface. IP address should be established for the start. It may be necessary to contact the network administrator for the LAN interface.

  1. Choose the menu of entry/drip.
    Press. [System] constituent I/O Config
  2. Choose the menu. local area network parameters
    Press the LAN Settings software button.

    Modify Settings could be selected to change local network designs, to include or disable local network services or to re-establish local network structures to default values.

    This is the display of the 33500 series. The 33600 series is also equipped with an LLAN status indicator in the right upper corner, which shows the quality of the local network connection.

  3. Press Modify Settings.

    To gain access to most of the elements on this screen, use the first software button to switch DHCP and Manual modes. When the DHCP parameter is switched on, the IP address is automatically assigned under the DHCP Protocol (Dynamic node configuration) when the device is connected to the network, provided that the DHCP server has been detected and can perform the operation. DHCP also operates automatically with a masked subset and a lock address if necessary. Usually, this method is considered to be the simplest installing a local compound for the instrument. It is simply necessary to include a DHCP protocol. For further information, please contact the local network administrator.

  4. Implement the IP.
    If the DHCP protocol is not used (if the first software button is equipped with the Manual parameter), the IP, including the IP address, and possibly the subset mask and the lock address are required. The IP address and Subnet Mask are on the main screen, press More for the lock construction.

    Call the network manager for the IP address, the masks of the loop and the lock. For all IP addresses, there's a shape of the exact nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn, where "nnn" in each case is the value in the bays between 0 and 255. A new IP address can be introduced by means of a numerical key (no pen). Just put in the numbers and points using the keyboard. As a button, use the diaper control button to the left. ♪

  5. Implement the DNS (additional)
    DNS (household services) is an Internet service that translates the names of housewives into IP addresses. Ask the network administrator if the DNS service is used, and if used, find the name of the host, the name of the domain, the address of the DNS server.