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Local Network Traffic Control

Computers are linked through external or internal networks. As a result, users can share information with each other even on different continents.

With the help of the ISS, you can easily control the recording of traffic and its distribution among users, influence the possibility of accessing Internet resources at your discretion, ensure the safety of your internal network.

ISS is a universal Internet gateway with tools to protect the educational network, traffic records, access management and postal, proxy and file server.

ISS Lite is a free Internet lock that ensures all the needs of the Internet home. ISS Lite is a complete version of the Internet Control of Server, which includes a licence for 8 users.


  • Housewives connect computers in one apartment or home.
  • Corporate - connecting business cars.
  • Local networks often have closed infrastructure.
  • Global - connect whole regions and may include local networks

The benefits of such communication are enormous: professional time is saved, telephone bills are declining. And all these benefits can be reduced to zero unless security is taken care of in time.

Firms that are not familiar with the concept of " control " are causing enormous losses or restricting full access to information. There's a simpler way to save safely, a local network traffic control program.

Turn the quantity into quality!

It is important for the manager to know what the company funds are spending. The system administrator is therefore responsible for, inter alia, the control of the network traffic in the office. Statistics are collected not only by volume, but also by the content of the information transmitted.

Why do you need to control the local network? While the answer to this question is clear, many system administrators cannot justify the need to control Internet traffic.

Leader ' s benefits

Traffic control programme:

  1. Optimize the network - labour productivity increases due to professional time savings;
  2. Shows the distribution of traffic by users - provides an opportunity to find out who needs Internet resources;
  3. It shows what purposes the transhipment was for, the exclusion of untargeted access.