Компьютерные сети для чайников

Computer Networks For Kettles

Part I. Computer first
Chapter 1. Don't be afraid of the computer.
Chapter 2. I'll meet you later.
Chapter 3. Computer connection
Chapter 4. The most important button
Chapter 5. Windows components

Part II. Computer filling
Chapter 6. System unit magic
Chapter 7. Gate, ports and dishes
Chapter 8. Short-term storage: memory
Chapter 9. Long-term storage: discs and data carriers
Chapter 10. Large schedules
Chapter 11. Injection: keyboard and mouse
Chapter 12. Printer
Chapter 13. With a sound better
Chapter 14. Nutrition and fashion management

Part III. Networks, communication and general access
Chapter 15. Computer networks
Chapter 16. Main components of the network
Chapter 17. Internet
Chapter 18. Free exchange of files

Part IV. Programme funds
Chapter 19. Security above
Chapter 20. What's in your file?
Chapter 21. Everything about folders.
Chapter 22. File management
Chapter 23. Programme installation, disposal and updating

Part V. Digital world
Chapter 24. Personal optical disk factory
Chapter 25. Magic images
Chapter 26. Computer video
Chapter 27. Computer sound
Chapter 28. Life on the Internet
Chapter 29. Safe communication of children with computers

Part VI. Great dozens
Chapter 30. Ten computer user sites

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