Построение компьютерных сетей. СКС. Wi-Fi

Computer Networking

I DO Technologies engineers have implemented many computer networking projects. We have accumulated a great deal of experience in networking that helps us propose a precise and beneficial solution, depending on your demands.

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The model solution for establishing a network in the office is the creation of a combined network. The combined network consists of cable connections used to access corporate information and WiFi connectivity.

For a small network (up to 100 connections), it is sufficient to leave a whale couple with a data transmission rate up to 1 Gbit. If necessary large network (the space is located on different floors, or is scattered at a sufficiently remote distance, or more than 100 connections), it is advisable that between the network ' s key nodes, it is optical to roll the fibre (optic cable) or network lines, to combine several whale vapours into one whole to increase data transmission speed.
In the combined network version, all work stations (computers) and servers are connected to the network by cable connection. This ensures a high rate of data transmission, reliability and safety.

For mobile devices using the Internet and not requiring access to the corporate network, a separate contour shall be established: WiFi Network (not available on the labour network). This solution allows access to the Internet from mobile devices (boats, tablets, smartphones) and ensure the integrity of corporate information. WiFi is installed in negotiating rooms for partners, clients and guests, as well as in the offices where necessary.