Настройка локальной сети через Wi-Fi роутер между компьютерами на

Lock Network Through Wi-Fi Windows 7

Изменяем рабочую группу в Windows 7It is decided to change some lines on the seven and XP. But let's first look at the causes of the problem when Windows 7 sees no XP computer on the local network.

What is this about?

  • Different working groups. Windows 7 working group WORKGROUPAnd Windows XP is MSHOME. And we already know it's important that both computers work in the same group.
  • Protection of access by the password Windows 7
  • In the seven default, online detection is off.

It needs to be fixed, what we're gonna do now.

Windows 7 and XP via Wi-Fi Road

First, let's build a computer that works seven.

Building Windows 7

Let's change the working group first. No, why change the band on two computers. Let's leave WORKGROUP on the seven, which is default, and we'll write it on the XP, too.

Let's see if WORKGROUP is worth the silence. Press my computer on my right button of mouse and choose your own. On the left, select the additional parameters of the system and go to the computer name and look at the working group. If WORKGROUP, it's okay, let it go. If the other one, press the button. Amend and indicate the working group.

Reboot the computer.

We're still building. Press the right button of mice on the network badge (tri, right, bottom) and select the Network Management Centre and general access.