Мониторинг сети. Анализ трафика | Сетевые технологии

Local Network Monitoring

Monitor your network devices with PRTG LAN Network Monitor

PRTG includes PING utilito, which can track whether all devices are connected and whether network connections are installed on the local network. With support from SNMP and WMI, PRTG also tracks parameters such as free space on disk, memory load or CPU, etc. This information helps to respond in advance to possible gaps before they cause disruption of the network or other serious problems. Depending on the devices connected to the network,
vehicle monitoring local area network Also able to monitor the status of online printers (the number of toners, the number of pages printed, etc.), temperature, humidity and many other parameters.

PRTG ensures that all your servers are operational, including web servers, SQL servers, FTP servers, virtual servers, etc. PRTG is therefore becoming a powerful and effective means of controlling SQL server. The web server monitoring tool will alert the user if the server response time is very large or the server fails.

Networking and network capacity tracking

PRTG is also an effective control tool for LAN traffic, tracking the use of capacity by SNMP, interception of packages (packet sniffing) and NetFlow. SNMP is the simplest method of checking capacity, with a minimum load on the network. However, the information obtained by using the SNMP control tool to monitor the flow on the routers does not provide as much detail as the analysis of the packages or NetFlow control. These technologies allow monitoring of the use of a protocol or IP addresses capacity, providing the user with results in the form of so-called ratings. The web-based tool thus provides an indication of which application or computer spends most of its capacity.

Make your life easier, start using PRTG LAN Network Monitor now.

The PRTG local network monitoring tool is available in two options. The free version supports up to 100 sensors and is available for personal and commercial use at no cost. To begin with, a free test version of no restrictions may be used.

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