текст локальные и глобальные сети ЭВМ

The Main Types Of Computers Connected To The Network Are

page2.51Location network combines computers installed in one room (e.g. computer class consisting of 8-12 computers) or one building (some dozens of computers installed in different offices of a certain institution)

Local network - a communications system consisting of several computers connected by cables (telephone lines, radio channels) enabling users to use computer resources jointly: programmes, files, folders and peripheral devices: printers, dams, disks, modems, etc.

Local area networks:

Loan local network

In small local networks, all computers are usually equal, i.e. users decide on their own resources to make their computer publicly available. Such networks are called homogeneous.

A single-tier local network that supports the equality of computers and enables users to decide on their own resources: folders, files, programmes to make publicly available.

Local network based on server

If more than 10 computers are connected to the local network, the single-track network may not be productive enough. In order to increase productivity, as well as to ensure greater reliability in the storage of information online, some computers are dedicated to the storage of files or applications. Such computers are called servers and the local network is a server-based network.

Server is a special computer manager for:

1. Data storage for the entire network.

2. Connection of peripheral devices;

3. centralized management of the entire network;

4. Definition of communication routes.

Local network technical support

Every computer, connected to the local networkshall have:

1. Network adapter is a special fee for the transmission and reception of information from the network.

Computers (network adapters) interconnected with different types of cables (coaxial, whale, opto fibre).

2. Cabelle is the main channel of communication - the physical media environment. The main features of the channel... ♪

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