Удаленное управление компьютером (Windows 7, 8, 8.1). Лучшие программы

Remote Computer Management In The Local Network

Run computers on your network remotely, free UltraVNC or Radmin, built in MyChat!

The remote control program is your choice!

Radmin or UltraVNC: you can choose a more normal one. If your network already uses Radmin, the choice is obvious. If remote control programmes are not yet available, we recommend the use of a free UltraVNC integrated in MyChat.

Deleted Computer management

Connection to one click, from the company's general contact list, from private conversation, conference, word, anywhere.

In a second, on your monitor, a remote computer screen. You can print on the keyboard, use a mouse like you're actually sitting behind that computer.

Operational user support

The Administrator is not wasting time on user hikes to solve their problems, and company staff in turn are not waiting for technical expertise.

During a remote control session, calls can be used and a person can be assisted with a voice comment.

Monitoring of staff on working computers

Good for managers. You can connect to any remote office computer to look at the screen without seizing a stranger's mouse and keyboard. MyChat ' s system of rights and limitations makes it possible to build who is allowed to do so and who is not.

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