Как создать локальную сеть

How To Create A Local Internet Network

Just a little bit about playing Dota 2 with bots on a local network without the Internet and without the server.

This requires at least:

  • Two computers online.
  • Two different Steam account with the Dota 2 game.

It doesn't matter, you're wireless. network The laptops or the usual locality through the cord. The actors need different things, because if you use the same one, you can connect with each other, but you can't choose a second player hero.

And so:

Start Dota 2 on both computers and open the console.

In the first text:
sv_cheats 1
sv_lan "1"
dota_bot_set_difficulty "4"
dota_force_gamemode "1"
dota_start_ai_game "1"
Dota map.

The Dota map is then launched. As soon as everything is downloaded and you can choose a hero writing on the same computer in the dota2 console:

jointeam "good"

Then the second player writes in his console:

connect ip:port

And as soon as he joins the game, he also writes.

Only two miniatures of heroic images will be displayed in the top of the screen. If that's what you have, it's done right. Now the first player that made a map writes another team:


Everything! After that, all free slots will be filled with bots and can play.


  • dota_bot_set_difficulty " 4 " , a team that determines the complexity of the beans. Accordingly: 0-Lossive and 4-Business.
  • dota_force_gamemode "1 " - establishes All Pick mode. Other regimes, including All Random, have not come in, so I don't write a list of regimes.
  • The Dota map is chosen on which map we will play. By writing a map in the console, you'll see accessible maps.
  • jointeam “good” - Selection of the side: good - light, bad - dark.
  • dota_bot_populate - This team is the last one to sign, after which the beans are free.
  • connect ip:port - usually only ip is sufficient, e.g. connect

A little supplement on how to make things easier:

Let's go to the catalogue.

You make two files there, like 1.cfg and 2.cfg. In the same catalogue (if you don't have such a file), we'll create a file of autoexec.cfg.

Contained file 1.cfg:sv_cheats "1"
sv_lan "1"
dota_bot_set_difficulty 3
dota_force_gamemode "2"
dota_start_ai_game "1"
Dota map.
jointeam "good"

Contained file 2.cfg: dota_bot_populate

In the autoexec.cfg file, add alias:alias q "exec 1.cfg."
alias w "exec 2.cfg."

Now the players' actions after they started the board and both opened the console: