Построение корпоративной сети рефератв каталоге

Corporate Network Building

The managed hotspot is a service for the organization of Wi-Fi access points in public spaces, with the possibility of advertising web pages to attract potential clients.
Do you want to improve the effectiveness of the company's units? Unify the office network into a single secure high-speed infrastructure.
Trust the organization and maintenance of corporate networks only to professionals, as technical inconsistencies can seriously affect the company ' s business process.

VPN is a technology that provides networks across other networks, such as the Internet. Communication within the virtual network is conducted through low-confidence base channels, and the use of encryption means maximizes the security of data transmission. This relatively low-cost and simple technology has recently become increasingly popular.

What's corporate? Local area network and its technology

Corporate computer networks are an integral part of modern companies. Such networks can quickly and safely transmit and receive information. They provide a link between one enterprise ' s computers located within one building or geographically distributed.

There are several ways to build such networks. Until recently, the Local Area Network (LAN) system has been the most popular, combining a limited number of PKs. They ensure the maximum speed of exchange of files and the absolute security of information, as their flows do not enter general access. The use of this type of structure is free of charge. A high cost and inability to connect remote users can be attributed to LAN minus.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) has become a worthy alternative, building up over the global networks WAN (Wide Area Network) covering a large number of PCs and computer systems worldwide. Their undeniable dignity includes simplicity (and therefore low cost) of construction, the ability to connect multiple subscribers around the world and the security of data transmission.

It is because of flexibility and cost-effectiveness that VPN is actively pushing LANs out of the market. Thus, based on studies carried out by Forrester Research Inc. and Infonetics Research, the cost of using and servicing VPN is almost three times lower than the logistics structures built on LAN technology.