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How To Set Up A Wye Fae Network


Wi-Fi connection

Wi-Fi can be fast connected to the nearest wireless network.

  1. Squeeze the Wi-Fi badge (or ) in the line of the menu.
  2. If the Wi-Fi network is off, select Wi-Fi.
  3. Choose the nearest Wi-Fi network from the list.

The strength of each of the nearest networks is displayed next to her name. The more dark lanes, the stronger the network signal.

Enter the password

Access to networks with a lock on the name is protected by the password. Choose the network, put her password in the entrance window. If you don't know the password, find it from the owner of the Wi-Fi network you're trying to connect.

Wi-Fi connection by mobile device

Depending on the tariff plan used, iPhone or iPad with connection to the cellular network may provide Internet connections for Mac. When the iOS device is in an appropriate manner and close to the Mac computer, it is displayed in the Wi-Fi menu as an accessible connection.


When you choose a mobile device as an Internet connection, the menu badge changes, indicating that Mac's computer is now connected to the device.

Wi-Fi switching and off

If you are located where Wi-Fi is prohibited (as on board planes during some flights), this menu can quickly disable Wi-Fi.

  1. Put the Wi-Fi badge in the line of the menu.
  2. Choose Wi-Fi.

When the Wi-Fi network is off, the menu is changing to an empty indicator. When Wi-Fi can be used again, lick the menu badge and select Wi-Fi. Then connect Mac's computer to the required network if it doesn't happen automatically.

If the Wi-Fi menu is missing

The Wi-Fi menu could be included or disconnected to the Network ' s network of " Systems " programmes.

  1. In the Apple menu, select the " System Buildings " .
  2. In the window of the " System Buildings " , the Séléka will be calibrated.
  3. On the list of available online connections, select the Wi-Fi.
  4. Set the flag opposite the " Wi-Fi status in the line of the menu " .


If a temporary Wi-Fi connection between the Mac computer and the other device is required, it may be possible to establish its own network with the Wi-Fi menu.

  1. Squeeze the Wi-Fi menu and select the Network.
  2. Introduce network data, such as network name and channel.

Privacy Network The computer computer computer computer computer type changes the menu to the computer badge. Once the Wi-Fi menu is finished, and then you choose to disconnect.

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