Как подключить проводной интернет к ноутбуку lenovo: способы

How To Connect The Cable Internet To The Laptop

In order to connect to the Internet via cable mode, the digital subscriber line (DSL) or the local Ethernet network (LAN) needs to select the built-in port of Ethernet. If your Internet provider requires the use of the PPPoE protocol, first get to know OS X: Internet connectivity through the PPPoE protocol (OS X 10.5 and earlier versions).

If there is an AirPort base station, follow up on the following actions before it is connected to the network, and then introduce section AirPort at the end of this article.

Cable connection, DSL or local network (LAN)

  1. "NewLine;
  2. Get the following information from the Internet provider or network administrator:
    • addresses of domain names servers (DNS);
    • what is the design to be chosen by means of DHCP or the manual IP address (to be implemented later in step 6).
    "NewLine; For manual construction only:
    • IP address;
    • router address;
    • I'm sorry.
    "NewLine; Council. Maybe an Internet provider or something. Local area network provides the DNS address automatically. "NewLine;
  3. In Apple's menu, select the System Buildings. "NewLine;
  4. In the menu of Vid, select the badge.
  5. In a floating menu to show (in earlier versions than Mac OS 10.1, this menu is called Configure (Strengthen) Pick up the Ethernet. RevLine;
  6. Open TCP/IP.NewLine, if necessary;
  7. In the floating menu, the configuration shall select the paragraph manually or Used DHCP (in accordance with the instructions of the Internet provider in step 1). "NewLine;
  8. In the fields concerned, bring the remaining information obtained in step 1. If this is not inconsistent with the Internet service provider ' s instructions, the ID client DHCP and the Search Desk may be missed.
  9. Press the button " Apply " .NewLine;
  10. To test the Internet connection, open the browser or other TCP/IP program.
    "NewLine; Additional actions for AirPortNewLine;
  1. To make sure the computer is connected to the Internet, open the browser.NewLine;
  2. After a successful Internet connection, physically connect the base station to the network. "NewLine;
  3. Turn off the cable or DSL-mode power cord for a few seconds, then put it back in. "NewLine;
  4. Use AirPort as an assistant to build AirPort (/Programme/Outilita/) to copy the computer to the base station. "NewLine;