Как подключить проводной интернет к ноутбуку lenovo: способы

How To Connect The Wire To The Laptop

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29 September 2015

Almost all laptops are equipped with Ethernet-Adapter built-in, which has a speed exceeding 100 Mb/s. So you connected the cable to the laptop. ♪ ♪

Quite often, the laptop requires connections to the local network. For example, you've come to the business company, and just so you don't wait for the information you need to drop on a CD or a flash drive (which is not very convenient), you can just get on the cliff. Moreover, the amount of information often exceeds the capacity of your host. To have local home network It's convenient, too. If you have a computer and a laptop, it's the one that's gonna help sync up the important data quickly.
A modern laptop allows us to meet all possible challenges. But in most cases, it is necessary to use the World Wide Web. Internet access is one of the main features of the local network.

Network connectivity
Almost all laptops are equipped with Ethernet-Adapter built-in, which has a speed exceeding 100 Mb/s. So you connected the cable to the laptop. If there's a dedicated computer on the network with a DHCP server, you won't need manual construction. Therefore, we will now consider the case where the server is missing:
1. Find the juncture on the working table. The right button of the mouse click on it and, in the menu, select the item " Yours " .
2. Then find a deposit of " Local Area Network Connection " in the Network Connections window. Press the paragraph " Yours " on the menu. There will be a window of the local network connection.
3. Give me a mouse courser, the Internet Protocol, and the " Yours " click.
4. In the work window that's opened, we need to get a DNS server, a mask of subset and an IP address. Please clarify this information from the administrator. Arbitrary filling does not guarantee that everything will work properly.
After this sequence of action, your laptop can be connected to any personal device on the local network.

Internet access via local network
Connecting to the World Wide Web is the main purpose of connecting the device with the local network. We'll consider three Internet versions that are most commonly used.

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