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How To Connect Wired Internet To Windows 7

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The building of the pppoe connection to Windows 7 is a little more complicated than the pppoe in Ubuntu, and it's probably not gonna be done in a minute. This connection should be created to connect the home Internet, a cable high-speed access service that is now available to many communications operators. But for starters, a little theory.

What PPPoE

This abbreviation is encrypted as: Point-to-point protocol over Ethernet. It's a tunnel protocol that works over the Ethernet protocol used in local networks. The fact is that the Ethernet protocol does not provide for the possibility of authorizing users. I mean, Ethernet cannot be allowed or denied access at the logical level.

This problem is addressed by the PPPoE protocol. It is used to manage access to some network resources through networking. In practice, PPPoE is most commonly used to provide high-speed Internet access. Today, the most common high-speed Internet access is available through DSL (xDSL). Before the apartment or office, the connection goes through a telephone wire, a DSL Mode is installed in the apartment (office) and this module is connected to the computer via the network cable.

But now another technology is being actively introduced - FTTx. FTTB (Fiber to the Building) or FTTH (Fiber to the Home). There's an opto fibre cable up to the building or even before the apartment, and there's a regular network cable in the building or apartment. Under this technology, the Internet is now being made available to telecommunications operators such as Rotelecom (Domestic Internet services), ITS (Domestic Internet and TV services), Bilina (Domashny Internet services).

Regardless of the channel used, DSL or FTTx, the installation of the connection on the customer computer will be the same as the construction of the pppoe connection. With the exception of Bilin, they have a connection under VPN protocol.

This article will then show how to build the Internet home from ITS. Although the Internet is also being built by any provider who uses the PPPoE protocol.

PPPoE Windows 7

Household structure Windows 7 The procedure is not complicated.