Подключить интернет через Wi-Fi роутер на компьютере

How To Put The Internet On A Computer

Do you have an iPad or a tablet on Android base? Turn him into a professional video surveillance system.

Set annex Ivideon, and you will be able at any time to access the live video and archival videos of your cameras from anywhere in the world in a permanently high quality!

Load Ivideon Client


You want access to the surveillance cameras to be at your hands? Nothing's easier. Set Ivideon on your iPhone or Android and watch your cameras whenever you need it, even if you're far from the computer or even on another continent. Ivideon works the same quality from anywhere in the world!

On the computer.

To be aware of what's going on and gain access to your cameras wherever you are, you're only gonna need a computer with you. Internet access♪ I've never seen video surveillance so easily.

No special programmes are required, just open the browser, enter your personal office, and watch the video in real time and the video archive. Make notifications and manage access to cameras.

Just connect your cameras to the Ivideon cloud, and they'll all be available in your private office.

You need to watch your 24/7 surveillance cameras, and the browser doesn't suit you well? No problem! Just set Annex Ivideon Client.
Ivideon Client is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Simple phones and other devices

Yeah, yeah, and even the old Java-telephones.

In fact, Ivideon works on almost all devices supporting Internet access. For them, we have introduced a light version of our personal office. There's fewer opportunities in it, but in poor communications, it's perfect to know what's going on in front of your surveillance cameras.