Как установить и настроить интернет на новом компьютере через

Internet Connection To Computer

The IBM Corporation allowed Internet users to access a universal quantum computer that it built and experiment with quantum algorithms free of charge. This device does not have enough power to hack open-key cryptographic systems, but if IBM plans are implemented, more sophisticated quantum computers are not outside the mountains.

The quantum computer IBM accessed contains five bubbles, four for data management and one for error correction during calculations. The correction of errors is a major innovation that his developers are proud of. It will make it easier to increase the number of cubits in the future.

In IBM, they say that her quantum computer is universal and capable of performing any quantum algorithms. This distinguishes it from the adiobatic quantum computers that D-Wave is developing. Adiabate computers are designed to find optimal solutions to functions and are not suitable for other purposes.

It is believed that universal quantum computers will address certain tasks that are not subject to conventional computers. The most notable example of this task is the decomposition of the numbers into simple multipliers. Usual computer, even very fast, will take hundreds of years to find simple multipliers. The quantum computer will find them with the Shora algorithm almost as fast as the multiplication of the whole numbers.

Failure to rapidly decomposition the chips into simple multipliers is the foundation of open-key cryptographic systems. If this operation is to be carried out at the speed promised by the quantum algorithms, most of the modern cryptography will have to be forgotten.

IBM's quantum computer can start Shora's algorithm, but as long as the cubits don't get any more, it's not good enough. The situation will change over the next 10 years. By 2025, IBM plans to build a quantum computer containing between 50 and 100 kubits. In the view of the specialists, computers in the 50 bubbles will be able to meet some practical challenges.

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