Как подключить интернет через кабель к ноутбуку

How To Wire The Internet

The " real IP address " is a permanent Internet address for which your friends and acquaintances can contact to remotely connect.

  • The ability to turn its computer into a server;
  • Benefits in dealing with file exchange networks;
  • the benefits of broadcasting;
  • online benefits.

No additional construction of the Real IP address requires that the service be included in the company ' s office.


Packages are an opportunity for the subscriber to purchase a single amount of operator services on favourable terms. You can choose the package you need and connect the entire range of services at the right price!

Traffic energies

The " rolling stock " service provides an opportunity for subscribers to tariff limits to cancel the trawl counter and to reap the maximum possible Internet access speed! The service is available in a private office, under " Classification and Opposition " . Service cost: 150 roubles.

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