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Global Computer Networks

Report by Marina Leonidovna Scuratov, Professor of Pedagogical Sciences, on the influence of television and the Internet on the development of children and adolescents.

One feature of modern civilization is the transition to an information society, the rapid development of television and Internet technology. The appearance of television in every house has led many people to spend a large part of their free time in front of a television screen. Meetings with friends, walks, reading books, sports are replaced by television broadcasts for hours. Why did people change their lifestyle so quickly? Turns out there's a scientific explanation.

Scientists believe that such an introduction to television is created by the congenital character of a man, a so-called research reflex, which has been built by nature as a protective response to a rapid hearing and visual response to an unexpected or new irritant that could signal danger.

As early as 1986, scientists from the University of Stanford and Missouri University (USA) concluded that television effects such as editing, change of plans, rides, noises, lights, influence human research reflexes and are able to keep their attention long. For example, in advertisements, music videos, plans and attitudes change at an average speed of one object per second, annoying research reflex without rethinking. It is the full-powered research reflex that explains the spread of televised responses: " When I watch TV, I feel hypnotized " , " If the TV's on, I can't take a look away from it " , etc.

Hypnoid status severely limits the perception and reprocessing of information, but strengthens its sealing and behavioural programming.

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