Как соединить два компьютера с Windows 8?

How To Build A Network On Windows 8

TeamViewer is a remote computer control program. The main feature is that there is no need for external IP, only 2 IDs in TeamViewer. This program works online, whatever your country is. In addition to accessing the desk and managing a remote computer, files can be transmitted, presentations made, help build a computer, chat rooms, etc.

One solution to any situations
While most competitors offer various software packages for remote support, remote administration, training and sales (also demanding payment for them...), TeamViewer is a universal solution for all situations: TeamViewer has collected all modules in one simple and truly accessible package.

Remote service server management
TeamViewer can also be used to manage computers and remote service servers. Reloading and reconnection are permitted as a system service.

Transfer of files
TeamViewer has a file transfer function that allows you to copy the files and files from your partner and him, and this function also works through the brandmower.

Highest security standard
TeamViewer is a very secure solution. All versions use fully protected data transmission channels with the exchange of keys and the encryption of AES (256 bats), the same safety standard is used by https/SSL protocols.

online representation
You're team members and you're in different places? Do you need to demonstrate your desk or work together on the document? On TeamViewer's list, you can see who's now available and connect to it with one bowl of mice.

Remote support without installation
With TeamViewer, you can remotely run any PC via the Internet from any point. It's not necessary, just start an application on both sides and get involved, even through the firewalls.

Remote demonstrations of products, development and services
TeamViewer allows you to show your partner your desk. Open the Internet to demonstration materials, products and presentations in a few seconds.