Настройка сети windows 7 дома и в офисе

How To Build A Network On The Windows 7

Настройка сети Windows 7Windows 7 is built through an operating system management lounge and enables a local network or Internet. Let's see how this works. Access to network structures is conveniently assembled in a single section of the control panel, which enables the construction to be carried out Windows 7quick and convenient. Overall, the installation of the Windows 7 network is not significantly different from the installation of the windows xp network, largely altered the control panel interface and its corresponding points to access the required grid parameters. Otherwise, IP addresses, subset masks, MAC addresses of the network map (if necessary) have not changed substantially.

In Windows 7, the IPv4 Protocol was added to the IPv6 Protocol, which significantly expands the range of IP addresses used, but as soon as it is needed, it will be more accurately used by providers, and it is difficult to say.

So, to access the parameters of the network, we're entering the control panel and we're choosing the Network and Tasks section of the Network and the Internet.

By doing this, we'll get into the Networks and General Access Center.

Information on existing network connections will be displayed here, and new connectivity will be provided. The upper part of the window shows a map of the existing connection. In this case, a HOME-PC computer is connected to the Internet via several networks. It's actually a local network connection. I won't talk about it.local network The customer, but Windows 7 took it as several networks.

If any of these pictograms of maps are blank, the relevant viewer of this segment of the network will be opened. Okay, the computer cheek will lead to the opening of the computer window with a review of your PK file system. The pictogram of the Slight Networks can carry out an overview of available online resources.Настройка сети Windows 7 Well, the internet cliff opens an Internet default and a MSN page.

Active networks are listed below in the window of the Network Management Centre and general access. In this example, the second network is a network between a computer and a virtual machine. The network is signed by its type (in the example of the public network). You can change it by type of network.

Настройка сети Windows 7 Настройка сети Windows 7 Настройка сети Windows 7 Настройка сети Windows 7

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