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How To Build A Network Between Computers

Файловый менеджерAt the centre of the outer-screen window, a floating instrument panel is located, which contains a number of frequently used actions: the installation of the compound, the challenge of another mode, the selection of the current monitor, etc. This regime supports Drag " Drop " technology, the transfer of files and folders directly to the remote desk and vice versa. You don't have to start a file manager to do a simple file operation. Use your usual retraction.

Transfer of files

RMS provides a highly advanced file manager who allows access to a remote computer file system. The Faith Manager ' s regime is implemented as a window divided into two vertical panels, the interface will be used by users of other well-known file managers.

Active DirectoryFile Manager

  • Support for all basic file transactions - copying, movement, disposal, etc.
  • Intelligent daughter of files. This opportunity is always included in the replacement of files. Only non-concurring parts will be replaced directly when the files are replaced.
  • The feeding mode allows for the opening of a file manager in one window to several connections with different PKs. Possible files between remote computers and not just between local and remote computers.Удаленное управление рабочим столом The deposits are easily stacked.
  • All data, if transmitted, compressed and encrypted to save the network traffic.
  • The manager fully supports the integration of Drag ' Drop with other applications and systems.

Computer list and network structure

If you use RMS to access hundreds (or even thousands) of workstations, grouping compounds into a hierarchical structure is the most convenient way to organize. You can set up a structure that contains, for example, a list of cities that have units in your organization. In turn, a director could be established for each city with a list of units located in the city. The structure can be as complex or simple as it is. If Viewer is inside the domen (or is clearly connected with the domen), all the tree Active Directory is available, i.e. the structure and connections need not be created manually.

Подтверждение соединения Система безопасности RMS Блокировка экрана и устройств ввода Удаленная печать

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