Как сделать подключение к интернету автоматическим в windows 8

Internet Windows 8

Удаляем беспроводной адаптер из системы

My attempts to understand the problem.

There was a question that Maxim left him. He wrote that he had Windows 8, and he's connected to a wireless network (TP-Link TL-WR841N) for 10 minutes, everything works perfectly and the connection breaks. The status is limited (as above).

He asked me to contact Skype. I don't usually do that (I don't have any comment on:) but I've had to deal with this problem!

Maxim and I have been trying to solve this problem three days on Skype. And we're almost there. I think it was okay, the internet was stable, but a few minutes ago, Maxim wrote and said the network was gone again. But we have a few more options, we'll check their other .

Открываем Диспетчер устройствI've been thinking about not continuing this article, but I still decided to write and tell you what we've been trying to do (what we haven't tried:) and what's really not really done.

What we tried to do:

First, I advised you to just set up Windows 7: But this is not an option, a license and all.

1. Change the password and the type of safety in the router settings. Read it here.

2. Experiment with wireless network. Reading here.

3. Set the right watch belt and the time in the building of the Router.

4. Updated the diver for the wireless adapter. I wrote about this in the article how to establish (renew, re-establish, remove) a driveway on a wireless network adapter (Wi-Fi).

5. IP and DNS were prevented from being installed in the wireless adapter parameters on the laptop.

6. There's also been an Internet connection on Wi-Fi after the sleeping mode.

7. They refused to put the regime only g. Details of the regime change here.

And it's probably not all

Something like that would help:

Maxim found a way in which it was written that it was just necessary to remove the wireless adapter in the traffic control device and update the equipment configuration. He didn't remove anything, but he just pressed the wireless adapter on the right button of the mice and chose to " update the configuration of the equipment " .

Anyway, it's been a while, but still, after 20 hours of operation, the Internet broke down and the status of “Restricted”. If this happens again, we'll try to remove the adapter.