ЦМД-сервис - Настройка интернета на ноутбуке Asus

Internet On The Laptop

Настройка Virtual Router PlusAll windows will be inactive, and there will be a Stop Virtual Router Plus. You can turn the program down and she'll hide on the notice panel (low, right).

Connect the device to Wi-Fi

We're taking a phone, a planchette, or whatever you want to connect (e.g. HTC on Androids) on it, we're on Wi-Fi, and we're looking for an accessible network with the name we put on Virtual Router Plus.

Wi-Fi сеть, которую раздает ноутбук на телефонеI have this network:

We're pressing this network, introducing the password (which we indicated when we set up the program) and pushing. Connect.♪ There must be something like that:

It's possible to get on the websites from the phone (or other device) that gets the Wi-Fi from the laptop. But the connection is, and the Internet can't work. It's true: There's just something else to build.

Подключено к виртуальному Wi-FiWi-Fi devices are connected, but the Internet doesn't work.

Go back to the laptop, open the program where we built the distribution and press the Stop Virtual Router Plus. Then press the right button on the status of the compound and select the Network Management Centre and general access.

On your left. Changes in adapter parameters♪ Press the right button of mouse. Local area connection and select Ownership♪ Move to the deposit.

Открываем управление сетямиPut your necklace on my squeaky shorter. In the field, we need to pick an adapter. I'm doing great when wireless network connection 3 is installed. Experimentate.

Then, in the Virtual Router Plus program, we launch our network again. The phone must already set the connection automatically. The Internet has to work. I've been working, websites open!

The conversion of the laptop to the Router has been successful:


Of course, if there's a way, I'd advise you to buy a router. Even some simple, low-cost model, like TP-Link TL-WR841N, would be fine with Wi-Fi transmissions for several devices. And you don't have to torture your laptop. Besides, the laptop itself can connect through the wireless network, not distribu it.