Создание локальной сети, построение локальной сети, локальная сеть

Establishment Of A Local Network

In practice, local networks are often misbuilt. In general, detailed consideration of the network in terms of the compatibility of equipment leaves much to be desired. This is particularly relevant to the scale of the network. Problems are most common in small and medium-sized enterprises, where very few have a dedicated network technical expertise. One day, I ran into a network where all the web maps were supported by Fast Ethernet, while the concentrate only maintained a simple Ethernet at a speed of 10 Mb/s, thereby stopping the entire network.
When I had to break my job, I thought the creation of a local network from scratch might be a pretty good topic for writing if it wasn't a book, but a good article. Okay, let's get started.

Part 1. Work with the customer.

Step one. Purpose of creation.

The first thing to talk to the customer is the purpose he wants to create a computer network in his organization. The aim is always to identify the customer, the task of the system integrator at this stage is to provide advice and better define the objectives and objectives of the network.
In particular, the aim of the network could be:

  1. Exchange of files between computers. This goal is always set, differences can only be in the way of the organization.
  2. Use of a specific electronic documentation system. The first objective differs from that of the knowledge of software that will be performed by the client and under his specific characteristics and the network is being designed.
  3. Combination into a single network of several offices of the client company.
  4. Monitoring by the contracting authority of the network user ' s management. In other words, remote administration.
  5. All office computers connected. Internet One high-speed channel.

This is a few more often the objectives of the contracting authority, but the customer tends to pursue everything, at least in a minimum.
It is well known that the task of any network is to transfer data. This task should be carried out with maximum speed.