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How To Create Wifi

Как преступники воруют данные прямо по воздухуThey say life is a surprise, and, as in the real world, they're protecting us with you when we're least waiting for it. For example, as long as we're afraid of pockets, criminals are getting to our money with a hacked Wi-Fi. Let's figure out how this is going.

Imagine that after your work, you're dating friends at the café, having dinner, resting, and you decide to go to the movies tonight. Or theater. Or a concert. You connect to Wi-Fi and buy tickets for the whole company with your bank card. After a while, your account is missing all the money.

Terrible, isn't it? It would be good to find the guilty and take them to the police. Well, let's try this. While you were enjoying your friends' company, young people were sitting next to the table and finishing a clearly not the first cup of coffee. It's pretty normal guys who stumbled into an open laptop. But in the bag, they had equipment like this:

They didn't come to the café for coffee and croissants, but to steal the visitors' data and use them for their own purposes. They created an open-access Wi-Fi to draw the victims ' attention and access to all traffic, shipped and received devices of people involved. Did someone go online? They found the password. Authorized at the Ontact to publish the selfie? Access to the social media was in the hands of cybercrimers. I went to the post office to see if there were any work letters? Well, you know what happened.

You don't have to be an experienced cybercrime to do this. YouTube has more than 300,000 videos about breaking Wi-Fi. Moreover, the necessary equipment is cheap, up to $100. By gaining your bank and personal data, cybercrimers can continue to attack and eventually gain substantial profits.