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How To Connect The Laptop To The Network

headsetOne of the most frequently asked questions to date is how to connect the WiFi network to the Windows 7 laptop? The fact is that the technology of high-speed wireless communications has already entered very deeply into daily life. Virtually every house has a WiFi Router to which several devices are connected.

It's very convenient. Because to connect the laptop to the network, there's no need to pull a bunch of wires, and the users themselves are not tied to one location. WiFi allows full use of high-speed Internet and has the opportunity to move freely in the Router area. And despite the fact that many people know this technology, moreover, a lot of them use it every day, there's no way anyone knows how to connect to the WiFi network on the Windows 7 laptop. That is what the publication will address.

But before moving directly to the system ' s designs, it should be determined how technology works and what is needed to create a group.

Private network

First of all, WiFi Roader is needed to create a network. If you want to create a local network without access to the Internet, it's pretty simple. To do so, it's necessary to include a trawler and everything.

But it's a little complicated when an Internet cable connects to the router. In such a case, participants in the group are allowed to enter the global web site. This requires additional construction of the router.

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powerbankThis is done as follows. In order to enter the menu of the Router line, it shall be connected to it and in any browser in the address line, sign It should be noted that the address may differ according to the model of the device. The required address is shown on the router box as well as in the instructions. But in the vast majority of cases, it is or 192.168.1. 1.

How easy to know the IP WiFi Road:

After you were on the menu, you should go to Network and WAN. There are all the main structures in place. There's a need to introduce the data that your provider provides in the window. In the WAN Connection Type line, Static IP should be selected. This means that all data should be manually introduced.

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